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Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry has made a career out of subverting American troops

It is difficult for me to believe that John Kerry, who launched his political career by turning on his brothers-in-arms in Vietnam, is at it again -- once again building his political aspirations on the backs of American troops, whom he is at every turn undermining and subverting. Once again his fifth column homefront subterfuge gives hope to the enemy that if they can only hold out a little longer, Kerry and the liberal media will succeed in undermining the public's determination to prosecute the war to its conclusion. The enemy is thus emboldened to intensify hostilities, as the NVA did during the Tet offensive, to break the will of the American homefront. NVA General Vo Nguyen Giap and Colonel Bui Tin have detailed how North Vietnam could not have prevailed without the help of the peace movement, and in fact, John Kerry and Jane Fonda are honored in Communist Vietnam's war museum. Now Kerry is at it again -- undermining the war in Iraq. It is not clear to me who Kerry believes he is even ostensibly helping (besides himself) by denigrating the effort in Iraq, and promoting it as a quagmire, as the troops themselves overwhelmingly support President Bush.

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