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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Vietnam was not a military defeat

Kevin Drum of The Washington Monthly authored commentary which appeared in the August 24th edition of the Los Angeles Times in which he stated that Vietnam was "the nation's first-ever military defeat."

Vietnam may represent this nation's first defeat, but it most certainly was not a military defeat. It was a political defeat. The United States military never lost a battle in Vietnam. We were defeated by ourselves, here in the United States, much in the same way that many in this country now seek to bring defeat to America in Iraq.
Thursday, August 11, 2005

Liberal Blog Redundancy

Blogs appeared on the scene as an alternative to the main stream media, which appeared to many to filter and slant news to the purpose, less of disseminating factual information, than promoting a liberal agenda. Fed up with the propaganda of the main stream media, many turned to talk radio and the blogosphere to express their frustration and obtain a view of events free of the agenda-driven bias of the liberal press. These "Notes from Underground" were the nascent efforts of a literate, savvy segment of the population determined to disseminate the truth of matters which the main stream media ignored, covered up or outright lied about in the interest of supporting a liberal agenda. The blogosphere was born as a spontaneous, grassroots rebellion against the suffocating political correctness and tired, impotent liberalism of the main stream media.

The very notion of a liberal blog is redundant. That perspective is already amply covered by the main stream press -- which is also why Rush Limbaugh has 20 million listeners while Air America is a dismal failure, reduced to appropriating funds from the needy children and alzheimers victims of New York to fund its operations costs. Liberal views and distortions are not an alternative to the main stream press, merely a reiteration.
Friday, August 05, 2005

Little League World Series

My nephew, Dylan Hill, is playing for the L. A. Dodgers Little League team in the World Series tonight under the lights. He is a rookie right fielder, pinch runner and slugger. He looks like a miniature Dennis Eckersley and plays like Johnny Damon. Big night.
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