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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Prayer for the Magic Shoe

By Chris Rattey of

There once was a magic shoe,
designed by Reebok in a day or two.
For Game 6 of the ALCS,
For a dude named Schilling, who's ankle was a mess.
Everyone thought the ace's season was finished,
high Red Sox hopes were quickly diminished.
Then came the magic shoe.

Oh magic shoe, oh magic shoe,
From now until 8:19 p.m., we pray for you.
After Game 1, the Nation had never felt weaker,
all that has changed because of one super sneaker.

It's come down to this, two games in New York,
Sheffield's got a big mouth, Matsui's a dork.
And Reebok, if this works out and we win in the end,
I promise: I'll never, EVER, buy Nike again.
Henry David Thoreau

Simon & Garfunkel

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