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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why the world hates America

I read with interest Janet Albrechtsen's article in the Australian concerning why Europeans, and others, vilify America.

My own observation is that such hate of America is of a philosophical, albeit visceral, origin. I conclude this based upon my experience in American society, and my observations of the huge divide in the American polity. Those on the left in this country, in every matter -- cultural, political or moral -- shed themselves of any American identity. They are embarrassed by such an identity, and shun it. Their fervor strikes me as almost cult-like in its intractable absoluteness and irrationality. It's as if this group has substituted its own inviolate creed of political correctness for the creed of Judeo-Christian morality, which it rejects and abhors, but with the passionate, blind faith of fundamentalism, which it ridicules. The irrationality exhibited is the ardent passion of faith -- without religion. It is Islamic jihad without Islam.

That liberalism-turned-political-correctness-irrational-passion is the new mantle of the left, which predominates in Europe, and which competes for ascendancy in America.

I suspect Europe hates America for the same reason half of America hates America -- traditional America is an infidel to the creed of leftist political correctness.
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