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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Red Sox 6, St. Louis 2

We're on our way. Again tonight, four errors for the Sox. Three errors for Billy Mueller, but I thought he only deserved one of them. The first error I thought should have gone to Tek. It was Billy's ball, but Tek would not give way. The ball actually struck Tek's glove, and bounced off it. I have no idea why the error was called on Mueller. The second error to Mueller was a bad hop - it jumped up on him and hit the heel of his glove, bouncing away. It could be argued that he should have charged the ball more, but I still thought the error call was questionable. The third error was a true error - but by that time he was probably so shell shocked from the previous two error calls that he was self conscious in his effort to make the play. The fourth error was by Bellhorn, but he has contributed so much that it's hard to criticize him. In any case, the Sox prevailed once again. Like last night, it wasn't pretty, but it got done. Sox pitching was very effective, and the production was distributed throughout the lineup. Tuesday in St. Louis - Go Sox!
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